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UtC Series 5000/6000
LS Series UtC
Emergency Shower Unit
Limited Application
Fire House Controller


Itme Contol Device
Monitoring Lamp Panels
Fire House Controller

Fuel Gas Sensor 1000-2000
Fuel Gas Sensor 1000-2000

Pedestal Starter Disconnect

MPSD-(XX)-R / Starter Disconnect
MPSD-(XX)R-S / Starter Disconnect w/ Panel Switches
MPSD2-(XX)-R-S / Two Speed Starter Disconnect

The MAPA Products Fusible Rainproof Pedestal Mounted Safety Switch provides local starter disconnect of the electrical service at roof mounted equipment. The stainless Shroud with integrally welded deck flange enables a positive weather-tight flash of the unit to the roof membrane without the need for additional flashing or pitch-pan. The need to interrupt electrical service remotely in the case of equipment change-out can be avoided since service disconnect is mounted adjacent to rather than onto the equipment.

  • Fuel Gas Sensor Series 3000

    The Series 3000 Fuel Gas Sensor is designed to operate as an independent detection device for use where only a notification signal to a monitoring system is desired. This unit is self-powered and features both 24VAC and Dry Contact monitoring points.

    A flashing beacon located on the wall plate will notify the user that raw gas has been detected. Once the delay time expires, a signal is transmitted to the Controller. Applying the signal to the Controller will turn OFF the gas circuit, as well as any other circuit that has selected programming to monitor for raw fuel gas detection. The beacon will then remain ON continually until the sensor has been reset. The sensitivity of the sensor is preset at the factory to 500ppm but may be adjusted up to 100,000ppm.
    Time delay feature optional pre-set @ 0, 10, 20 or 30 seconds to allow for a momentary delay in notification when raw gas is detected, enabling the user to turn OFF a fuel gas outlet before a notification signal has been sent.
    Reset of the unit will only occur once no raw gas is detected. Reset is accomplished by Re-keying the Utility Controller to which it is connected (Series 1000 Only), or by the panel mounted reset switch. Reset by Re-keying the controller will also turn back ON all utilities disabled by the sensor that have their service switch in the ON position.

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